General information

General information

Town Vrbové is situated 10 km far from the district town Piešťany, on the edge of Trnava´s plain and Malé Karpaty mountain range. The oldest written reference concerned to Vrbové is found in Zoborská Listina from 1113. In 1398, Vrbové was first officially mentioned as the town. On the 1st of November 1967, it was given an official status of town and it once again became an acclaimed centre of the civil community for the region as well as for the whole country. This allowed its further dynamic development which lasts up to this day. The number of inhabitants increased by one third and nowadays it is 6 202.
Educational process in the field of study 7902 5 has begun on 1.9.2000.
The school has new building in attractive area of curia of Móric Beňovský. It is a modern school in Trnava´s region with the most modern material and technical equipment and modern teaching techniques.
Students learn in modern classrooms designated for teaching informatics. Everyone is allowed to work alone with computer and use internet.

All subjects are taught by teachers with special pedagogical education for high schools.
On 12th of October 2007 our gymnasium obtained the honourable name Gymnasium Jána Baltazára Magina.

Since 1st of September 2012 it is possible to study in bilingual field of study which lasts for 5 years.


Our school provides two fields of study.

Field of study: 7902 J 00 – gymnasium (4 years study)
Field focuses on intensive preparation for the university studies. During the studying process, each student has the option to actively recognize its options, skills and thoroughly prepare for the Maturita exam and admission interviews at university. The first foreign language is English. Students have option to choose second language from Russian, French and German. Since the third year, they are allowed to choose seminars from particular subjects.    

Field of study: 7902 J 74 – bilingual gymnasium (5 years study)
Field focuses on the study of chosen subjects in English language. In the first year, students take 11 lessons of English out of total number of 30 lessons per week. Since the second year students take 35 lessons per week in this language in addition to grammar lessons and conversation. In the second year students choose the second language from Russian, French and German. Several subjects in English are taught by foreign lectors. In order to find out the preconditions for studying, skills are proven by talent exams.

Profile of graduate

Education and study is nowadays oriented on creation of new system of values, which corresponds with requirements of establishing open democratic pluralistic society. This system accepts the dignity of human being as a basic value in interpersonal and social relationships, which should reflect itself in self-confidence, self-respect, but also in positive attitude to surroundings and became the precondition of mutual understanding and tolerance.

Realization of value, self-confidence and self-belief of the student are key characteristics, because they can became the active participants with the option of personal decisions and cooperation.
The task of the school is to reach the point when its students became generally educated, creative independent and morally thinking and acting young people, who are conscious of its own identity and able to evaluate the relationship between them and the world, sensitively destroying deformations in interpersonal relationships.  
Therefore, we cannot reduce the actions of school only on factual recognition, gaining knowledge and skills, but there is a need to consider general personal development of student, his preparation on life and work in interchangeable conditions of society.   
-the main task of Gymnasium Vrbové is to consistently prepare its students on the University studies
-we want each graduate of gymnasium of Vrbové to be able to speak English on a high level as a world language of computer art not only by modern teaching techniques but also by means of short term attachments in English speaking countries.
-we want to develop these activities also in German language, because in terms of regional location Slovakia is surrounded by German speaking countries. We also want to develop cooperation by means of mobility and exchange visits with Germany, Austria as well as with countries where German and English are also foreign languages.
-we want our graduates to be able to communicate with multimedia technology and IT
-we want our graduates to become a member of information society, where knowledge and information are becoming the main source and participant of development
-we want the graduates of Gymnasium J.B Magina prepared for the life with abilities to keep up with the trends of era
It is upon you, dear students, how you can make the best of this chance!